Matthews Rantsoma is permanently leaving E.TV Scandal!

In an unexpected change of events, acclaimed actor Matthews Rantsoma, better known as ‘Nhlamulo’ on the popular television series Scandal!, has said his goodbyes to the show, leaving fans astonished and sad.

Rumours have been circulating for weeks, but it has now been confirmed that Rantsoma has decided to depart the long-running soap opera. The revelation surprises devoted viewers who have followed his character’s evolution with zeal and emotional devotion.

Nhlamulo, played by Rantsoma, has been a staple of Scandal! from its inception, captivating viewers with his nuanced portrayal of a multifaceted figure navigating the intricate web of connections and scandals that define the show’s riveting plot. His departure leaves a significant gap in the ensemble cast, raising questions about the series’ future direction.

Speaking on his decision to leave the show, Rantsoma expressed gratitude for the opportunity to bring Nhlamulo to life, but cited a desire to pursue new creative ventures as the reason for his departure. “It has been an incredible journey portraying Nhlamulo on etvScandal,” he stated. “But as an artist, I feel compelled to seek new challenges and push the boundaries of my craft.”

The revelation of Rantsoma’s resignation sparked an outpouring of support and condolences from fans and colleagues alike, who praised his ability, dedication, and contribution to the success of etvScandal. Social media platforms have been overwhelmed with messages expressing sadness for Nhlamulo’s departure and reliving memorable moments on the show.

As the show’s makers scramble to deal with the unexpected loss of one of its key cast members, speculation abounds over how Nhlamulo’s plot will be handled and who will fill the void left by Rantsoma’s absence. However, one thing is certain: Rantsoma’s departure symbolises the end of an era for etvScandal and leaves an indelible stamp on the hearts of fans who will never forget his portrayal of Nhlamulo.

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