Mzansi calls for the arrest of 40 year-old married pastor who is dating an under-age school girl.

There are increasing calls for the arrest of a 40-year-old married pastor who is allegedly seeing a high school student after footage of her flaunting her iPhone 15, which was a gift from her fourth anniversary, while seated in an extravagant SUV went popular on X, formerly known as Twitter.

It is reported that she started dating the man when she was just 14 years old. According to MDN News, notable people have called for the preacher’s arrest, including BOSA leader Mmusi Maimane.

The identity of a man who is allegedly dating a minor has been revealed, Ntsikelelo Khamanga a married man who is a pastor at Pentecostal Protestant Church, this comes after Minehle was bragging after her alleged boyfriend bought her an iPhone in celebration.

Calls are intensifying for authorities to arrest a 40 year-old married pastor who is ALLEGEDLY dating a high school learner after videos of her circulated on X formerly known as Twitter, where she is showing off her 4th year anniversary gift (IPHONE 15) on camera whilst seated in…

Social media users saw the young girl in videos where she flaunted money and a brand-new iPhone 15 that she got from her partner.

Ntsikelelo Khamanga, a married pastor at a Pentecostal Protestant church, is reportedly the man who is in a romantic relationship with the kid.

According to one of the Twitter users, it has been revealed that the mother is well aware of the relationship. She is quiet because he’s paying for household expenses and the pastor is covering the fees.

Users of X (previously Twitter) have uncovered information regarding the man who is dating Minehle, a teenage student who flaunted the pricey presents that her boyfriend gave her on their fourth anniversary.

Tweeter uses left comments regarding the matter:

“You guys really can ruin things for people. Pastor was gonna fund this girls tertiary education pic.”

“My only concern about this kid is she is really gone. She is going to end up with some Busta 909 or seduce omunye u pastor because she is so used to ibekwa izandla nalo life pic.”

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