Get to know the cast of Mzansi Magic’s Queen Modjadji

The highly awaited drama series Queen Modjadji on Mzansi Magic is currently in production. The series has cast a combination of seasoned, well-known talent and brand-new faces to bring this intriguing story of the Rain Queen to life, opening up the film and television industries to up-and-coming creatives.

The cast was chosen on the basis of their proficiency in Khelovedu and their ability to accurately represent the historical characters who play a key role in the events leading up to Queen Modjadji’s reign.

Since this is a tale that hasn’t been recounted much, South Africans’ curiosity and talk were greatly piqued when Mzansi Magic revealed in February that they were producing the Queen Modjadji story. It is essential to the production’s quality to have a skilled cast that can represent the story’s characters with dignity.

Ngelekanyo Ramulodi (young Queen Modjadji) – Ngele is well known for her role as ‘Takalani’ on Mzansi Magic’s  S’phiwo, and you may remember her from Noughts & Crosses on several other platforms and Fatal Seduction on others. She plays Maselegwani, a 14-year-old Modjadji, in the series.

Masutang Rasekele, who plays Dzugudini, is a new actress who will portray the mother of Queen Modjadji and the daughter of the Rain King. Because she plays a key role in preventing the kingdom from experiencing a devastating drought, Dzugudini is an important figure in Lovedu history.

Helen Lebepe (Raisibe): Helen has a history of performing, having starred in various TV shows, most notably Mzansi Magic’s Saints & Sinners, which is currently available on Showmax. In the narrative, Raisibe helps Modjadji see her people’s true reality and eventually gains her trust.

Thabo Bopape, also known as Mambo Mugodo, is a well-known Mzansi film director and producer who has a long history of on-screen appearances, having helmed multiple feature films, television series, commercials, and stage productions. He portrays the Kharanga Kingdom’s king, or Supreme Mambo, who is driven to become the world’s greatest rainmaker and is in a race against time to correct his errors, restore the equilibrium as his forefathers have demanded, and put an end to a catastrophic drought.

Shudu Musida, a former Miss SA, will be starring in the series as Muthanoni Mulalo, a wife of a king or queen from the VhaVenda royal dynasty. This will be her first time on screen acting.

Ndavi Nokeri (Muthanoni Khensani): Ndavi was the 2022 Miss SA winner and the representative of South Africa in the Miss Universe Pageant that same year. She portrays Muthanoni Khensani, a different VaTsonga royal family wife to the monarch or queen.

Before the show debuts in July 2024, more character details will be disclosed as development moves forward, but the crucial query still needs to be answered. Who is going to portray the fabled Queen Modjadji?

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