“Volvo my baby, to happy and great memories” Lasizwe shows off his new car

Lesizwe Dambuza, a well-known comedian, media personality, and content creator from South Africa, returns to social media a few days after uploading a video of his new car with official pictures.

He recently revealed his latest acquisition to the public, a sleek black and white electric Volvo EX30. It is a stunning purchase.

Kaya 959 claims that Lasizwe garnered attention on social media by talking about his 2021 Range Rover. Lasizwe addressed the rumours head-on by posting meaningful remarks along with images and videos from his time with the automobile, amid a flurry of rumours. He acknowledged parting with the opulent vehicle, having treasured numerous moments spent with it.

The South African star sold his Range Rover and switched to a Volvo.

Social media users were abuzz when they heard that he was selling his old car since they felt it was a taboo subject.

But Lasizwe made it plain that listing his car for sale is OK, and he even left the vehicle a farewell note.

In the pictures that were posted, Lasizwe and his brother Lungile struck beautiful positions.

“…Volvo, my baby, To joyful and wonderful recollections, to your inclusion in my life!!!!!! To spending the majority of our time together and to you keeping me safe while driving!

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