Sthoko gets injured by the ‘Khwezi Beauty’ skin products poisoned by Lehasa.

There’s absolutely no doubt that SABC 1’s educational soap opera Skeem Saam is one of the best TV drama shows that never fails at delivering juicy storylines.

After their fight regarding the school trip, Babeile has just realised that he blew the whole situation out of proportion, and Sthoko was not the rightful person to be blamed for Lewatle and Paxton’s irrational behaviour. 

Babeile bought a gift for his girlfriend Sthoko to make it up to her for making her feel less and blaming her for Lewatle’s behaviour on the school trip. He bought her the ‘Khwezi Beauty’ products, which are highly recommended.

According to teasers for April 2024, Sthoko is rushed to the emergency room (hospital). The teasers further reveal that Pretty will be disturbed to learn Lehasa may have had a hand in Sthoko’s injuries, while Babeile and Petersen collaborate against Lehasa.

Lehasa has always been against Khwezi’s success, and he can actually do anything to jeopardise her products. He once poisoned her products and anonymously wrote bad remarks, pretending they were from other people, just to make her business seem bad.

There are high chances that Lehasa might be the one who poisoned the beauty products, so Khwezi’s business can end up in jeopardy. Hopefully, whoever is responsible for this deed will be exposed and pay for his deeds.

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