Somizi and Moshe were spotted having a fun road trip together. 

South African media stars Somizi Mhlongo and Moshe Ndiki were spotted together in a picture shared on social media. They looked happy as they were on their way to attend a wedding in the Northwest.

To commemorate a friend’s special day, the reality TV stars drove to Zeerust and went on dates with each other.

Once Somizi Mhlongo arrived at the wedding looking sharp, internet people could not help but notice him.

When Somizi Mhlongo and Moshe Ndiki attended a wedding in the Northwest, they made a significant impression. The exuberant personality of the famous names were reflected in their attire.

Social media users were sharing a video of Somizi Mhlongo and Moshe Ndiki making a big entry at a wedding in Zeerust. Internet users were compelled to share their opinions about what they were wearing.

Moshe Ndiki and Somizi attend a wedding in the Northwest

After receiving an invitation to a wedding, Somizi Mhlongo showed up on a date with Moshe Ndiki. Together, the two created quite a statement. Moshe donned a frock with umbaco Xhosa styling, while Somizi commanding drama with a long white cloak tied to his suit.

Many people openly discussed their opinions on Somizi’s attire. People on the internet discussed Somizi and Moshe without holding back. The majority thought the couple went overboard for someone else’s wedding.

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