Isitha: The Enemy| Mam’ Nomsa gets married to a deceased man to keep her pastoral position

The storylines of the E.TV soap opera Isitha: The enemy never cease to amaze viewers. After being ordained for a pastoral position, the church congregants are not pleased to be ruled by a female pastor who is not married.

Well, Mam’ Nomsa now considers marrying the deceased father of her children so that she can be recognised as a married woman since marriage seems to be one of the very important things to the majority of Christians.

Posthumous marriage (also known as necrogamy or ghost marriage) is a marriage in which at least one of the participating members is deceased. Posthumous marriage is legal in other countries, such as France, but I am not sure about South Africa.

The April 2024 teasers reveal that Nomsa will tell her family about the decision she has taken. Some will be against her decision, and others will fully support her. The most strange thing about posthumous marriage is that you attend your wedding as a single person surrounded by witnesses. 

Check out the five-day teasers below to see what the upcoming week’s drama consists of:

Monday 8 April 2024
Episode 231

When The Brough Breaks

Eventually, Nomsa tells her family about her marriage, and after Chuma throws Velaphi out of the house, he goes to the Sokhulu residence only to be instructed to return home.

Tuesday 9 April 2024
Episode 232

Love is Just a Game

Nolitha shows Rebs video of herself and Khaya making love. After assisting Nelly in apprehending Jerry, Nka is demanded to pay Nelly, and Martha discovers she’s been duped. Thenji is confronted by Velaphi about her desire to alter her last name.

Wednesday 10 April 2024
Episode 233

A Double Betrayal

After their sexual encounter, Solomzi is against Nandi going back to her husband. Despite being abandoned, Thenji devises a strategy; will it be successful? When Nandi confronts Khaya, she ends up confessing, leaving him with an egg on his face.

Thursday 11 April 2024
Episode 234

You Can’t Serve Two Masters

When Chuma isn’t available to take Mbuso to stock, she is forced to step down as chief, and Thenjiwe shows interest in driving school. Nomsa also stands up for herself.

Friday 12 April 2024
Episode 235

Love You To Death

Nolitha is still incredibly devoted to Khaya, but does he feel the same way? Thenjiwe finds something that has the potential to either permanently destroy the Sokhulus or keep them even more unified.

Catch Isitha:The Enemy, every Monday to Friday at 21:30 on E.TV.

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