The hit reality show Izingane zeS’thembu is coming back for a second season.

The Mzansi Magic’s hit reality show ‘Izingane zeS’thembu’ is back for a second season. The polygamist Musa Mseleku’s kids are back to shake things up on our screens; our Sunday nights won’t be the same. This season is coming with a new theme: ‘Sticking together through thick and thin because friends have choices, siblings don’t!’

The next generation of Mselekus was shown to Mzansi Magic viewers, offering a peek at what it’s like to grow up in a yesithembu (polygamy) home. The Mseleku eldest children are still maturing into young adults and developing closer relationships in this second season.

Viewers witnessed Mpumelelo, the second eldest, attempt to emulate his father by “juggling” two women, Tirelo and Vuyokazi, whom he said would be a part of his isithembu arrangement. Both women concluded the season expecting more than one thing.

He has been saying that he is ready for marriage, more girlfriends, and more spouses, but given the makeup of his family right now, is it possible that he can already see the cracks? This is the time of year when the views of the father and son Mseleku will be put to the test: how sincere is Bab’ Mseleku regarding the obligations and demands of polygamy? Is Mpumelelo simply “delulu,” or is he imitating his father’s life in the absence of resources?

This season, Mpilo—who turns 21 this month—must come out of her shell since she can no longer play the fool! More of her time at school and her handling of relationships other than those with her brothers will be seen by viewers. In addition, she will have to deal with some societal expectations as she turns 21. Is she prepared?

Lwandle gave fans glimpses of his personality in the previous season, but this time he takes the initiative and reveals his actual self—he is the show’s star and won’t let anybody else shadow him! As he embarks on a quest to find love, viewers will get to discover both his romantic side and his life outside of Mpumelelo.

The sibling who is regarded as “The Glue,” Abongwe, is unwavering in her belief that they must all be closer. She comes clean about her sexuality this season, having earned a great deal of confidence from her time in Johannesburg. She feels that her family should join her, as she is confident in who she is.

Not to mention Tirelo and Vuyokazi, Mpumelelo’s baby moms and girlfriends. For the trio, it was all drama and problem after problem. How will they handle one another and Mpumelelo’s decisions, given that the men have been discussing a different game than they both anticipated?

A tonne of questions remain unanswered until the release of Izingane zeS’thembu season 2! Will there be enough resolve for these siblings to overcome their separate obstacles and come together as a unit? Discover all the answers on your home of local from Sunday 5 May at 19:00 on Mzansi Magic DStv Channel 161.

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