Coming up on E.TV Scandal! In the last two weeks of November 2023

Jojo decided not to cancel their trip with Phakamile anymore after MaHilda agreed to babysit Nkazi and Nqobile. However, something bad is going to happen to baby Nkazi (he is going to have a fever), and Jojo will be obliged to shorten his trip or tell Winnie to come fetch him.

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After receiving an ultimatum, Tlhogi begins to feel under strain. Prudence has no cards left to play and is forced into a corner. When there’s a medical emergency, people panic.

Taps feeds the green-eyed monster and more than just eyebrows rise when explicit photographs surface.

When a wife’s worries about her husband turn out to be unfounded, it is devastating. Prudence is doubting a number of things as a result of Vuvu’s inquiry. Jojo receives a severe talking to but refuses to acknowledge the whole truth.

Despite her overwhelming shame, a woman strives to act morally. Prudence feels compelled to take a bold stand in order to preserve face. Jojo’s obligations as a father get in the way of spending time with his sweetheart.

Surprising disclosures make Mdala even more suspicious. At last, Prudence is able to present her perspective. Jojo begins to articulate his top priorities.

The problem on an entanglement has gotten even messier as the time runs out. Prudence resorts to drastic means during a desperate moment. Winnie finds that motherhood is not without its challenges.

He gets tricked into poking a bear by Sanka’s haughtiness. Tension in a woman’s marriage begins to arise from her sad situation. Jojo feels compelled to emerge his head from the clouds.

A guy on the verge of breaking creates a dark scheme that has the potential to alter him permanently. A woman who is about to give up finds hope. Jojo has trouble multitasking.

Premiere episodes of Scandal! air on from Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

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