What is going to happen on E.tv Smoke and Mirrors?

Here are the spoilers of Smoke and Mirrors, from the 24th to the 30th of November 2023:

Thandiswa is forced to reveal the real reason she is in Emnyameni when a gun is pointed at her head. In an effort to assist his wife who is in need, Samson reaches out to her. Petunia’s sister brings bad news to her.

Though Thandiswa begs Nthabiseng to spare her life, Nthabiseng is determined to kill Thandiswa. When Nthabiseng discovers that Thandiswa and Caesar are having an affair.

Thandiswa realises how much trouble she is in and decides to ask an unlikely person for assistance. Nestled in a deplorable area, Martha is left to the mercy of her fiercest adversary.

Virginia and Mthetho are perplexed by Caesar’s disappearance. Virginia looks suspicious and makes an effort to find him. Caesar persuades Thandiswa that Nthabiseng’s remains must be buried.

Virginia asks Mthetho for assistance as she desperately looks for her husband. In the meantime, Mthetho questions how Caesar managed to go undetected in a no-man’s land according to the tracker’s report.

Emnyameni greets its prodigal daughter with open arms when she comes back with a vivid tale. Mandla has an excessive number of financial issues! Sakhile discovers an unexpected guest in his house who refuses to leave.

When Caesar comes back bearing gifts for Virginia, it only makes her more irate and suspicious. Nomeva asks Thandiswa about what transpired between her and Nthabiseng, and Thandiswa decides to speak the truth.

When Thandiswa tells Nomeva that she was wrong about Nthabiseng’s death, Nomeva puts Sakhile in a difficult moral situation. Mandla is inconsolable about the significant financial loss.

Thandiswa receives a warning from Nomeva not to play about with Caesar. Mzwakhe is informed by Khanyo that Mandla is the source of more money.

Premiere episodes of Smoke & Mirrors air on e.tv from Mondays to Fridays at 21h00.

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